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    The Story of Lada

    Lada was the mythical Goddess of Love & Beauty. She is very famous among other tribes too. This mighty goddess also shows up in a form of Freyja, Aphrodite and many others. She is linked with Venus and its power.

    In the 15th and 16th century records where she first appears, Lada is the vernal goddess of love and fertility, overseer of the harvests, protector of lovers, couples, marriage and family, women and children.

  • She is illustrated as a voluptuous woman in the prime of life, full-bodied, mature, and a symbol of motherhood. 

    The word form "Lad" means "harmony, understanding, order" in Czech, and "order, beautiful, cute" in Polish. Lada appears in folk songs and is described as a tall woman with a wave of golden hair wreathed as a crown on her head. She is the embodiment of divine beauty and eternal youth. 

    At Lada we want our customers to embody the story of Lada and find the Goddess inside themselves.

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